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Website Design Process

Setting up your own website can be a daunting task... Where do you start and who should you contact to get the ball rolling? @hm Website Design is here to manage and simplify the process of getting your business online as quickly and economically as possible. You will find more detailed information regarding the website design process contained within the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or by reviewing the Customer Guide and Quotation Form

We will be working together to produce a quality website that you will be proud to call your own...

1. Initial Consultation (it's free!)

@hm Website Design ConsultationOur initial  meeting will allow you to discuss your expectations and website requirements and for you can discover how @hm Website Design can assist you with meeting them. This could be at your home, business or local coffee shop!

2. Information Gathering

@hm Website Design Information GatheringYou will be guided through a simple process to discover the creative side of your personality (everybody has one!); How do you want the "look and feel" of the site of your site to reflect on your  business. A good place to start is to make a list of a few Websites that you like and make a note of what it is that you like about them such as colours, layouts and navigation methods. Some useful tips are contained in the Customer Guide

3.Design Overview

@hm Website Design overviewWhat sort of information/services do you want to promote? The opening page is the gateway to the rest of the services that you offer and requires the most thought. If you do not relate the essence of your business to your customers within the first few seconds their mouse is heading off elsewhere and you may have missed an opportunity

4. Branding or Personal/Business Logo's

You may already have your own design or Logo (business emblem) which can be incorporated into your website. This could be created by myself or your own graphics designer depending on the complexity of the design (don't worry, I will let you know if I can do it!)

5.Domain Name/Hosting (What does that all mean?)

@hm Website Design Hosting AssistanceThis is about who you are on the web and where your website is located e.g "". Once we have designed your site, we have to find a home for it so that others can access and then use your services

"Domain Name": is the name of your business identity/address on the web which you have to purchase via a registered agent. In my case I opted for "" (For some reason no one else was using it ?)

"Hosting" is where an external company stores and manages your Web site and "hosts" your domain name (just like your home email/Internet account).

@hm Website Design is a registered reseller of Domain Names and Hosting Packages and will assist you in choosing the most approprite hosting solution for your business

Note:  Domain Name and Hosting are an additional cost to your Website design

I look forward to hearing from you at any time to receive free, and friendly advise regarding your new website design or to arrange a consultation to start promoting your business and services on the internet . Click here to start the process.