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Here is a portfolio of some of my work. You can click on the associated links to go to each site which will open in a new browser window.

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Hilltop-Mail WebsiteHilltop-Mail Email Marketing Australia

Hilltop-Mail is a powerful yet uniquely simple online system that provides you with hands-on management of your Email Marketing and Database Management requirements. You can easily create powerful email campaigns using the exclusive Click & Replace Wizard.

Hilltop-Mail's unique wizard will walk and literally talk you through the main features of the system and In just 5 minutes you will have created, sent and tracked your first campaign.

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Email Marketing Australia

Miraflex AustraliaProOptics

ProOptics was established in 2009 by Jacque Katsieris and Raymond Kessler, who wanted to create and distribute eyewear that offered style, comfort and affordability. Having dedicated more than 20 years combined in the industry, they have hands on experience working with major brand names to develop licensed ranges and a track record for achieving strong sales growth in those areas. With a passion for product development, coupled with industry expertise and inside knowledge, ProOptics is uniquely positioned to bring fresh perspective and exciting new products to the market.

Miraflex AustraliaMiraflex Australia

For over 20 years, Miraflex has dedicated itself to the development of the most suitable children’s frames, ensuring, the best mix between safety, functionality, aesthetic and quality for each age bracket.

Miraflex, with the great experience gained during these years can offer a large range of frames designed by specialists consisting with the requirements and recommendations of eye care professionals such as ophthalmologists, orthoptists and opticians-optometrists.

Australian Association of SupervisionAustralian Association of Supervision

AAOS aims to support the development of Supervision amongst and across the professions of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, coaching, social work and other related professions.

AAOS seeks to promote a broader understanding of Supervision and provide support for practitioners to obtain professional development in the field of Supervision.

AAOS seeks to enhance the quality of supervision amongst the various professions.

Australian Association of

The Australasian Existential Society (AES) is a professional association. Launched in 1999, its primary aim is to provide a working platform and network for counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals working within an existential-phenomenological theoretical framework.

The AES organises regular forums on existential issues in relation to the practice of existential counselling, psychotherapy and management. Topics range from the theoretical to applied practice

Lithgow Bike StopLithgow Bike Stop

Dave purchased Lithgow Bike Stop in June 1992 and two years later Jamie joined the business and completed his motorcycle mechanical apprenticeship. In 1998 Dave and Jamie formed the partnership that exists to this day.

Lithgow Bike Stop remains a family owned business that has earned the recognition and trust of the local and wider motorcycling community.

Reflect, Reframe, ReworkReflect, Reframe, Rework

Megan completed a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University in 1999. She has been a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) for over 10 years and is a registered Medicare provider. In the last few years Megan has been in private practice working with adults presenting with anxiety and depression.

Her therapeutic approach combines the best of several well researched and utilised paradigms. They include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the application of neuroscience research to therapy and the practise of meditation in daily life as a way of building inner strength and peace.

Sydney Garden LandscapesSydney Garden Landscapes

Sydney Garden Landscapes is a small but very experienced company holding a wide range of trade skills within, ranging from general garden maintenance to renovations and structural landscape design and constructions.We provide high standards in quality and workmanship, working closely with the client throughout the project.

No job is too small or too large specialising in upmarket residential landscapes ranging from $40,000 to $400,000. We provide an ongoing property and garden maintenance service to ensure the future upkeep of your newly landscaped property.

Janet B Cater - Parenting AdvisorJanet B Cater - Parenting Advisor

My aim is to help parents find practical solutions to their current issues and concerns. I believe that with the right guidance, parents can feel confident and empowered when managing tricky behaviour. I gain immense satisfaction seeing people become more enthusiastic about their children and helping them to enjoy their journey as parents.

The Crucible CentreThe Crucible Centre

Through personal development we can raise consciousness and so become self-aware. Without conscious living we are without purpose. The secret of our self-help retreats at the Crucible Centre is our compassion for your spiritual development. Through personal development we can achieve our highest goals for ourselves and in relationship. The skills we use for personal development remain principally Sandplay, Voice Dialogue and Dynamic Facilitation. It is well-known that the deepest therapy occurs when the therapist has themselves been on the same journey. We are forming a new Community of Compassion and Resilience where we may support each other to live more fully and more capably.

Mandarin DuckMandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck is an exclusive brand of Contemporary and old furniture and accessories. It is an everchanging range that is sourced from all around the world, offering our customers a beautiful piece to treasure at an affordable price. The beauty of this range is that all the pieces sit perfectly in traditional or contemporary settings. we offer same day pick-up on large majority of our furniture, also local and interstate delivery service. please inquire by email for a delivery quote

Beautiful BrowsBeautiful Brows

Amanda is committed to shaping eyebrows as it’s been a passion of hers for over 20 year's. Most people don’t have the perfect arch but Amanda will ensure you she will create the illusion of the perfect eyebrow, be it through shaping –tinting- pencil or tattooed hair stroke’s . Have the brows you have always longed for.

The Callings ProgramThe Callings Program

The Callings Program is a place to visit to reflect upon finding, following and sustaining your calling in life and work- whatever your age, race, way of life or beliefs. Whether you are a school leaver or a retiree; in career transition or at a personal cross-roads; city dweller or on the land - The Callings Program™ can help you uncover, discover or re-affirm living with passion and purpose

Sympatico CoachingSympatico Coaching

The Callings Program is a place to visit to reflect upon finding, following and sustaining your calling in life and work- whatever your age, race, way of life or beliefs. Whether you are a school leaver or a retiree; in career transition or at a personal cross-roads; city dweller or on the land - The Callings Program™ can help you uncover, discover or re-affirm living with passion and purpose

Centre for Existential PracticeCentre for Existential Practice

The Centre for Existential Practice (CEP) is a community of existential/phenomenological practitioners wishing to further their knowledge, communicate their thoughts and participate in the on-going development of theory, research and practise.

Lions and LiliesLions and Lilies

Lions and Lilies is a series of books set during The Hundred Years' War and is based on historical characters, events and battles. It is a mediaeval adventure that will capture your imagination and your heart.

Lions and Lilies begins with two sisters, Cécile and Catherine, separated as very young children and raised on either side of the Channel, in fourteenth century England and France, each unaware they have a sibling... provides information on coeliac disease, fructose malabsorption and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Your online resources for the Gluten free wheat free food shows, specialty gluten free products, fructose malabsorption cookbooks, shopping guides, gluten free confectionery, general information on coeliac disease and the gluten free, wheat free diet.

Smart Bathroom CentreSmart Bathroom Centre

Our bathroom showroom displays a comprehensive range of bathroom products, baths, vanity basins, toilet suites, showers, tapware, mirrors, tiles and accessories. You can choose from quality brands such as well known Australian FOWLER, DORF, CAROMA, DECINA, MARQUIS or European designed CABOOM and KELEVIT – all incorporating the highest standard in design and performance.

Ray Ford Acupuncture WebsiteRay Ford Acupuncture

Ray Ford has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine since 1982. Ray is a specialist in acupuncture and has extensive experience in treating many different health problems. Ray's clinic is located in North Sydney

GTT Marketing WebsiteGTT Marketing - Promotional Merchandising

GTT Marketing offers a comprehensive range of promotional merchandising products and solutions designed to deliver uncompromising value at a level of service that is unbeatable

Sandplay AustraliaSandplay Australia

Experience our Sandplay Therapy Training Courses and enhance the way you work. Be amazed at the depth to which clients are able to see how beliefs, patterns and issues are formed and resolved. Identify unspoken issues and provide solutions.Improve your clinical effectiveness. Use your creativity in your Practice to help your clients through the journey of transforming their lives

Inspirational Change WebsiteInspirational Change

I help clients identify and overcome limitations and so achieve their real potential.

I offer tailored service ranging from psychotherapy to coaching to corporate workshops and specialise in 'Real Conversations' workshops, supporting managers to have difficult conversations.

Change Happens WebsiteChange Happens - Counselling and Counsultancy

Change Happens is the home page of Adam McLean a professionally qualified counsellor and psychotherapist dedicated to helping his clients gain awareness, insight and understanding to make positive, real change happen. Using a range of therapies that provide a sense of safety and support, Adam will work with you at a pace that meets your needs for lasting change to happen.

West Grinstead PublicationWest Grinstead Publication

Every thing is both vibration and matter. The latest research in biology and physics shows convincingly that everything is intimately connected through fields of energy that comprise The Great Field. Separation is therefore an illusion.

John James uses psychology to enrich scientific research that creates a theory that describes how the universe formed itself, and how we are formed in the mistlike energy of our souls.

Kinesiology College of South AustraliaKinesiology College South Australia

Paul and Wendy Bennett use a combination of Kinesiogy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to facilitate change in health, learning and performance.

The Kinesiology College of SA offers government accredited kinesiology practitioner training courses and is the only training organisation in South Australia which has this status.

Ceremonies4u - Marriage CelebrantCeremonies4u - Marriage Celebrant

Nancy Tear is a full time professional Marriage Celebrant who will work with you to create a ceremony that is meaningful, providing you with beautiful memories to be cherished. Your Wedding Ceremony should be the “Ultimate Experience".

Sinclairs Bondi WebsiteSinclairs Bondi

If you are looking for clean, comfortable budget accommodation, Bed & Breakfast, lodging and holiday accommodation within a 15 minute bus ride from the Sydney CBD, a short walk from the beach and shops, and only 20 minutes from Sydney airport, then Sinclairs of Bondi is the place to stay.

Planet Extinction WebsitePlanet Extinction

Extinction of life on Earth is now possible since late 2005 scientists have become increasingly anxious about the health of our planet. The evidence is now clear - but few will admit it. There is enough CO2 already in the air, so were we to STOP all burning of fossil fuels immediately, STOP driving all cars and trucks and STOP devastating our forests - and did so NOW - temperatures would still continue to rise for at least another decade!

Solution-Focused Futures WebsiteSolution-Focused Futures

Our site aims to be a resource for people interested in developing and sustaining a Solution-Focused Brief Approach (SFBA) in their practice, whether that be with individuals, groups, teams, organisations. We are keen to contribute to developing communities of SFBA practitioners, both in our local areas and internationally.

Edna McKelvey WebsiteEdna McKelvey

It is my experience both personally and in my work as a therapist that whether you are in emotional or physical pain within your personal, family or business life, or are feeling confused, anxious or 'down', often just talking to someone who can maintain an objective perspective, who will listen and offer support as required, can be one of the most useful and liberating experience during difficult times.

Connecting to Self Counselling ServicesConnecting To Self

We have our cars and equipment serviced when it is not performing at its optimum, what about our mental and emotional servicing? We need a skilled professional to assist to gain knowledge, insight and influence change.

Making Positive Life Changes & Choices requires support, understanding and professional skill coaching. Often our struggles have unconscious drivers and triggers, which are difficult for us to see alone.

TPA Compliance WebsiteTPA Compliance

Need help with TPA compliance? We have helped numerous companies, large and small, resolve issues of Trade Practices Act compliance. From conducting training courses to TPA compliance audits to developing TPA compliance programs, our services have been widely accepted by some of Australia’s best known companies. The Trade Practices Act applies to just about every aspect of a business—for example, selling, advertising, retailing, and transactions with other businesses or consumers.

NLP Training Centre WebsiteNLP Training Center

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming resources for NLP Practitioners and NLP Trainers. Offers NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Programs, the Graduate Certificate in NLP; the only government accredited NLP qualification in Australia; advanced NLP training, private consultations, coaching and mentoring

Tethys Consulting WebsiteTethys Consulting

Tethys Consulting specialises in the provision of specialised business and consultancy services to both corporate and government organisations. Our services are aimed at helping your business improve – our experience shows that you can only achieve optimum success by keeping the People – Process – Technology mix in equilibrium.

Coaching Workshop WebsiteCoaching Workshop

Coaching Workshops' purpose is to partner with you to ensure you get the best possible performance from your people as individuals and as part of the team. Unleashing the potential of your people is an essential component of the productivity, profitability and future success of your organisation.

Essence of Nurturing WebsiteEssence of Nurturing

Enjoy experiencing inner stillness, strength and vitality, Comfort for the heart, ease for the body, Nourishment for the soul. The Essence of Nurturing offers Dru Yoga classes for all ages as well as special services such as Shiatsu, Reiki, Reflexology, Aroma therapy and Therapeutic Massage

Healing Touch WebsiteThe Healing Touch Wellbeing Centre

Abe Pollak is qualified in a variety of complementary remedial therapies such as Bowen Therapy, Shiatsu, Swedish and Remedial Massage, Myopractic, Lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Ear Candling and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with many years of providing caring and successful treatments.


Healing Touch WebsiteKnee Joint Pain Information

Helpful information and resources on knee joint pain what causes a Meniscus tear, Arthritic pain, pain on inside of knee , siatica knee pain symptoms and causes.